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CTO & EIR Service

On-demand fractional CTO and EIR services that make the world of technology simpler, closer and affordable to you.

What is Consulting CTO & Consulting EIR?

Having the right people in leadership positions will always propel your business in the right direction.


One of the crucial resources you need is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to help you maintain a competitive technology edge. A CTO is a multi-faceted, highly experienced, and creative head responsible for the overall strategic business direction. Their input is vital in enabling efficient utilization of technology throughout your entire company.

A Consulting Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) is an experienced entrepreneur or industry expert who provides guidance, mentorship, and support to startups, venture capital firms, incubators, or accelerators.

A Consulting EIR's role may be tailored to the specific needs and goals of the organization they are working with, and their responsibilities can evolve over time. The primary aim of a Consulting EIR is to bring their experience, knowledge, and network to support the growth and success of early-stage companies and the organizations that support them.


  • When you require a technical leadership and guidance to develop or refine their product, technology stack, or software architecture.

  • When you are experiencing rapid growth and needs assistance in scaling their technology operations or managing a growing development team.

  • When are undergoing digital transformation and needs guidance in adopting new technologies or migrating legacy systems.

  • When you require a temporary technology leader to fill in for an absent CTO

  • When you are an early-stage startup and seek mentorship and guidance on various aspects of building and scaling a business, not just technology.

  • When you require strategic input and direction on their overall business model, go-to-market strategy, and product development plans.

  • When you need assistance in conducting due diligence, and assessing market opportunities.

  • When you seek thought leadership and educational initiatives related to entrepreneurship, business strategy, or industry-specific trends.

  • When you have a specific, well-defined technical project that needs focused leadership to ensure its successful completion.

  • When you require technical expertise to oversee a particular project's development, execution, and delivery, without being responsible for the overall technology strategy.

  • When you need a technology leader with specialized skills or domain knowledge, such as experience in a specific industry or technology.

  • When you have a temporary, short-term, or one-time project where hiring a full-time CTO is not feasible.

What does a consulting CTO / EIR do?

A fractional CTO/EIR works a fraction of the time a CTO/EIR would, handling a portion of the projects at a fraction of the cost. In other words, a fractional CTO/EIR comes in to deliver on-call consulting and advisory services. 

Technical strategy

A consulting CTO/EIR helps develop and implement a company's technical strategy by assessing the business needs, analyzing the market, and identifying potential technologies to leverage.

Technology evaluation

A consulting CTO/EIR evaluates different technologies, tools, and platforms to determine which ones will best serve the company's needs.

Team management

A consulting CTO/EIR manages the technical team and provides guidance and support to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Architecture and design

A consulting CTO/EIR develops and maintains the technical architecture and design of the company's systems, ensuring that they are scalable, reliable, and secure.

Budgeting and forecasting

A consulting CTO/EIR creates and manages the technology budget, and provides forecasts and cost analyses to ensure that the company's technology investments align with its overall business strategy.

Vendor management

A consulting CTO/EIR manages relationships with technology vendors, ensuring that the company receives the best value for its investments.

Innovation and research

A consulting CTO/EIR stays up to date on emerging technologies and industry trends, and identifies opportunities to innovate and improve the company's technical capabilities.

Review and negotiate your business contracts

A consulting CTO/EIR can play a valuable role in the contract review process by evaluating the technical aspects of the agreement. They can assess clauses related to technology development, intellectual property, data security, and compliance, among others.

Fundraise and build robust business relationships

A consulting CTO/EIR with a strong reputation or a track record of success can add credibility to the company's technical capabilities. They can help craft a compelling story around the company's technology, product, or services, making it easier for investors and partners to understand the value proposition and potential for growth.

Idea generation

A consulting CTO/EIR helps generate new business ideas and opportunities for the company or organization, drawing on their own entrepreneurial experience and expertise.

Business planning

A consulting CTO/EIR helps develop business plans and strategies for new ventures or products, including market analysis, financial projections, and go-to-market strategies.

Product development

A consulting CTO/EIR may work with the company's product development team to ensure that new products meet customer needs and are viable in the market.

Market research

A consulting CTO/EIR conducts market research and analysis to identify new opportunities or assess the viability of existing products or services.

Investor relations

A consulting CTO/EIR may assist with fundraising efforts, including pitching to investors and developing investor relations strategies.

Mentoring and coaching

A consulting CTO/EIR provides mentoring and coaching to entrepreneurs and startup teams, helping them navigate the challenges of starting and growing a new venture.


A consulting CTO/EIR may leverage their own network of contacts to help the company or organization build relationships with potential partners, customers, or investors.

Thought leadership

A consulting CTO/EIR may develop thought leadership content, such as blog posts or whitepapers, to position the company or organization as a leader in their industry.


Our methodology improves business outcomes

Cost efficiency

No hiring cost, no bonuses, no equities, no holidays or sick leaves paid. No long-term commitments. Only simple and plain pay-as-you-go contract.

Flexible term

We offer a few different models of engagement, and within those models, you can dynamically change the level of involvement anytime you need.

High availability

It usually takes six to nine months to fulfil a CTO position. However, considering our model, we can typically start within a week.

Domain expertise

From fintech to adtech, from ecommerce to philanthropy - we pick a CTO with the relevant domain expertise to maximize your odds of success.

Founders mentality

All our CTOs are founders, investors or advisors to many startups before, and they are very familiar with all the challenges of the startup journey.

Executive level

Many startups can not afford an executive-level CTO to hire; nevertheless, they need to make solid strategic decisions right from the beginning.

How it works

Our Consulting CTO/EIR services provide you with seasoned technology leaders who offer strategic advice, technical expertise, and innovative solutions to help your company thrive. We follow a simple process to ensure seamless engagement with services.


Before we begin working with new client, we want to make sure we are a good fit for you. In our 30 minutes discovery session we will ask you where your business is at, what are the technology goals and what outcomes you expect from our engagement. Based on this call, we’ll follow up with proposed next steps, or we will refer you to another provider who is a better fit.


We almost always have a backlog of new clients waiting to start, so once you’re ready to reserve a spot in our calendar, we will send over an estimated timeline and statement of work. This allows us to ensure we have enough capacity ready to help maintain our rigorous quality standards, and that both parties are on the same page as far as scope of work is concerned.


The engagement will start with basic things like defining ways of working, reporting lines and detailed ‘as is’ analysis of your business and technology context. Our deliverables and outcomes are central part of our methodology. 


We want you to be able to succeed without relying on us heavily after the engagement is completed. You will receive necessary documentation and intellectual property created during the engagement time. All necessary knowledge transfer will be arranged with your team and any outstanding questions will be answered along with the next steps defined for your team. 

Start Now

Accelerate with technology leadership tailored to your needs.

On-demand fractional CTO and EIR services that make the world of technology simpler, closer and affordable to you.

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