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We develop scalable Web APIs for apps, softwares and services.


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Keeping focus on your business

We have developed and delivered business web APIs to some of the most exciting start-ups and companies in Silicon Valley, New York City, Australia, India, and more.

Get crafted APIs ready for business

Easy consumable endpoints for your frontend team to deliver more, faster.


RESTful models and APIs handle multiple types of calls, return different data formats and can even change structurally.


Give your developers huge time saving option by making each model API searchable.


Resolve response exapansions and load multiple entities in a single API call.


Never build on an API thats untested. Get APIs with full test coverage.

OpenAPI Compliant

Consume APIs with ease using the OpenAPI standards.

CORS Ready

You API will work across domains across all your calls.

Based on best architectural design practices

Delivered using the best micro-services design patterns, your APIs are ready for the future.

Microservices Based

Microservices allow better control on your infrastructure and high reliability on business operations.


Guide your product to production using as many stages you need.


Group your APIs into applications and scale based on your needs.


Each API is designed to be atomic, ensuring your data is always correct.


Get event sourcing and logging to trace back all sequence of events.

Async Ready

Easily integrate task schedulers and async processors with the API.

Delivered in weeks, not months

Rapidly start building and deploying your solutions to the world.

Fast Delivery

Your mock APIs in days, enabling your teams to start various integrations.

100% Test Coverage

Get full test coverage to ensure no line of code is left untested.

Continously Delivered

All APIs are deliverd to your environments and repositories via continous integrations and deployment.

Model Management

Get management tools to easily modify model values with each microservice.

Fast track your product success and deliver results that matter.


Simpler and affordable way to build your modern API.

Get highly reliable, scalable, and low-cost business Web API in the cloud that powers many businesses, capable of handling 30 million users and devices daily and processing over 18 terrabytes of data every month from traffic across 114 countries.



An endpoint includes the URN and all the associated methods.

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Continuity 1 is dedicated to helping startups and businesses become more productive. We work with product owners to help speed up their product cycles.

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Continuity 1 is dedicated to helping startups and businesses become more productive.